"And my family and my friends
And all the little kids that love me make me strong
And no matter how this ends
I know I'll never ever ever be alone"

-Kimya Dawson

The underlying idea of the “human family” appears throughout much of my photography. I have always been impacted by love, regardless of its nature or what it means to those involved. From the importance of our parents as children, to the friends and lovers we surround ourselves with throughout our lives. The idea of our constant yearning for someone to care for us captivates me. I am equally interested in how individuals cope with the familiar feeling of being alone. In photographing these connections, of my own personal relationships as well as those of others, I am rewarded with a feeling of intimacy with all people. I strive to make the most honest portraits as possible. In regards to my audience, my intent is for the viewer to share mutual feelings of understanding when viewing my work. I try to make photographs that evoke the same emotions that inspired them.