(A Work in Progress)

I began this ongoing project as a playful way of exploring different stereotypical personalities, with no initial intent.  As I’ve taken on different roles in a series of self portraits, I’ve realized that there is more to people than what meets the eye,  inspiring me to take this project more seriously. By staging a specific environment in the latest photographs, I’ve been attempting to shift the focus from the characters image to their individual story. Most recently, I started to consider ways in which I could add another layer of narrative to each character I've created, leading me to where I am now. I have begun the process of applying audio clips from different films to each image. Although I imply particular situations, I ultimately leave it up to the viewer to interpret each character's story in their own way. I am continuing to explore this idea, play with the presentation and I will update as it evolves.

Pam 8.jpg
Jessie 7.jpg
Cory 3.jpg
Daisy 9.jpg